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officers to create, build, and brand their business’ using new and innovative techniques that carry them through new developments as seasons change.

Many Authors/Poets jump at the chance to see their works in print. Just two years ago I was the virgin writer looking for a sweet deal on my very first manuscript. I had no idea of the publishing process. Nor, did I have a full understanding of the complete lingo of the publishing business. I was just submitting my work blind and naive. I have some bumps and bruises to prove my misfortune with publishing through both traditional and vanity press publishing homes.

It wasn’t until I learned that writing the book was
the least of my worries. Writing is easy. The question is what are you planning to do with these works of art, you presume to be best sellers? Once this is accomplished then you can sort out the layers of the publishing world, and which line you wish to get in.

I am all gung ho for those that wish to query traditional publishing companies with some actual credentialing under their belts; I write query letters for my clients as well. However, good luck with that if you do not have an agent, and if you want to venture off to the masses of self-publishing companies that charge you an arm and a leg then go right ahead.

But before you venture off, I would like to ask you this one question, why not truly invest in the project or product you wish to share and/or sell? This is where I come in. So after all the hustle, tears, and doors slammed in my face. I was offered 6 different contracts. Now this is after I signed a horrible contract with a publishing firm that basically should
of said bend over so that I can…well you get the picture. After a slow recovery I did some research on the whole business of book publishing. After about a year I decided to self-publish my first book series.

Even then I was still learning the process but I had come a long way. I learned all about audience, genre, querying, and the list goes on. Still I wasn’t truly taking control of my business as an Author. As months and Sunday’s past, I was intrigued with a conversation I had with my Twitter Promoter. She asked the very same question I asked you all a moment ago.

“Aija, why don’t you invest in your work, by branding your name and building your company around this?”

“Wow…,” was my initial response followed by gut wrenching fear. After a few moments of pondering I decided that what could I lose? I would be in charge of my product, my sells, and my destiny. So here’s the stitch.

AMB Publishing Productions takes your goal, your dream and we cultivate it. All I do is teach you how to make your product a reality. I give you a slight push and allow your wings to spread...

I assist my clients with publishing needs in a number of ways. I publish 5-10 manuscripts a year under my small publishing firm. I consult non-profit business developers in the areas of grant research, and development, planning and implementation, and project development. I also consult Authors on how to self-publish their works as a separate entity if they are interested in developing their own firms.

I assist my clients with book covers, book lay-out, soft editing services, press kits, and the know how to create their own business’s. I also design apparel, posters, cd covers, pamphlets, and brochures, In addition to writing grants and business plans.















Sunday, June 3, 2012





Chen watched Gun and his guest from afar. She was fixated on Gun’s companion. His pearly white smile and deep dimples lured her interests far beyond how deep his pockets may have been. She had money. She was far more interested in the bulge of his pants. She was married to Gun; but their love for one another had long since dissipated.  Chen hid secrets so deep; they couldn’t be recovered if she were buried with them.

Her horrific childhood…, the death of her parents, not to mention her brothers suicide, or how she was sold to the man she thought truly loved her. Chen once thought she was the lucky one, one who had escaped the true elements of a political marriage.

Chen was always looking for a way out. It wasn’t long after the first beating she looked towards freedom. She was tired of Gun’s game. She began to develop one of her own. 

“Cream and sugar..?” Chen asked Terrence as her almond eyes peeked from under her sheer mask.

“Cream…,” Terrence responded loud and clear. He tipped his cup in her direction to offer a Thank you. His eyes never met hers. Chen found that odd about Terrence, she didn’t know whether to take his lack of interest as a sign of disrespect, or respect for Gun and his possessions earning him a badge of honor.

            Gun himself, liked his girls half dressed with their face covered. He said that no one really cared what a woman looked like. They were more concerned about the package. Chen was his girl but she was often used to entice his prey. She feared Gun, but she feared her desires more. Chen feared that her wants would soon be the death of her.

Meeting Terrence was the best thing that had happened to her. He was Gun’s confident, but to her he was her savior.

Mob Figure…Hurry up, Chen grab all that you can. We have to get out of here.”

“Were you followed?” Chen questioned Gun which is something she didn't normally do, but under the circumstances she felt that she had a little le-way in the matter.

Gun paused and eyed Chen to warn her that nothing had changed. She had better do as told or he would leave her to the wolves. Though he knew that wasn't his reality. The money he'd stolen was just that. Stolen goods and if and when the mob found him they would not only take back their possessions they would be sure to kill him in the process.

“Chen, just hurry please no questions just do it. We really don't have the time and I need to know that I can count on you.”

Chen rolled her eyes, but not in his direction. She knew better.

Gun was running about their Korean mansion so fiercely trying to grab the duffle bags and load them into the trunk of his suburban. He was saddened that he would have to leave his most prize possessions but the two of them should consider themselves lucky if they could get out of there with their lives.

Gun ducked suddenly as if his cameras surrounding their mansion could see his whereabouts inside the home. He took one look at the screen and could see the thugs surrounding his home.

“Chen…” he whispered as loud as he could trying desperately to get her attention

            Chen was working like a bat out of hell throwing her belongings inside Guns truck. She was serious about her mission. Gun ducked and dodged the large windows of the house trying to hurry and get to Chen before they caught sight of her. 

“Chen..,” Gun ran to her side in a desperate move to save them both.

“Take off your shoes and get down they are outside. I know their strategy they are going to come in through the master bedroom.” Chen looked nervous. She had to go inside one last time to grab her financial information from the lock box just under rug tucked away inside Gun’s office. Even he didn't know that she had other means to support herself. He did know of her trust, but nothing as substantial as she the load of cash she held close to her heart.

“Just get in the car I have to grab some paperwork.”

“No… let’s go!”

GUN, Chen yelled surprised at her own reaction. “Trust me…,” Chen whispered calmly regaining her composure a bit frightened at what Gun’s possible reaction to her defiance could be.

For the first time in years Gun’s eyes welled with tears. He was very afraid that she would get caught in the cross fire. He didn't say a word however…, because he had no choice but to trust her.

“Hurry…,” He finally spoke as Chen threw her shoes into the car and snuck back into the home low, calm, and collected like a ninja. Chen made her way back up to the second floor before she knew it. She appeared small and fragile but she was well trained. Only she knew that she wasn't a true opponent for Gun with weapon in hand. She did however consider sparring with him on a regular basis, if only he’d rid himself of his toy’s and stand-up to face her like a man.

Gun was a terror. In her right mind she would easily use this chance to flee from his grasp; but she couldn't be sure of how serious his transgression against the mob was. So all she could do was hope for the best. Huffing and puffing in an effort to grab hold to her breath she rolled into Gun’s office like a spy. She was playing the part for sure by this time.

Chen’s hands were shaking once she spotted the men in ski masks bouncing up the stairs of their home. Chen steadied her hands and quickly unlocked the safe, as if disabling a bomb. She grabbed hold to the petty cash totaling one hundred thousand dollars, along with her papers of American citizenship and other pertinent documents. Chen checked her surroundings once more as she noticed the uncomfortable silence as she tucked the information under her dress. Feeling the hairs on the back of her neck begin to stand she took refuge to be sure the coast was clear by slipping into the storage closet.

Shortly, after Chen could hear the men walking by. They were quiet and in their approach; but she could hear the drawers being thrown open and the books on the shelves knocked to the floor. She couldn't be sure if they were looking for money because of the small areas of concern. What had Gun stolen from these people? The very men he was sworn to protect he betrayed, a play for power she knew her father could never have been a part of.

Meanwhile, Gun was sweating bullets as he waited for Chen to return. His selfish mind wanted so much to drive straight through the garage doors and never look back.

Gun pondered what could be taking Chen so long. Perhaps they weren't going to use weapons at all maybe they were going for a silent kill, a true anguish of torture to leave the best for last. That's what he would do and he was sure that they had an agenda as he had killed with these men many times before.

Gun coached his way back to sanity as he waited for Chen’s arrival. He was sure they were going to die. The mob was relentless in their prey and they would leave no stone untouched. Gun hadn't felt a stitch of guilt until now. A new feeling to Gun just moments before his fate was sealed. He was marked for death and he had taken innocent Chen down in the process.

Gun took a deep breath and swallowed hard before deciding to load both his 40 calico and 357. He set one on his lap and the other on the dashboard of his truck. He was going to go in hot if Chen didn't make her way back to the car in the next minute. Gun began his count down breathing heavily and blowing steam, nervous but ready to take on the world.

"30...29...28," Gun continued his count as he jumped down from the truck to stand in front of the exit door preparing to fire his weapon at the slightest movement. He was so nervous and trigger happy. Chen would be lucky to miss a bullet herself.

"27...26...25," Gun shifted his weight and readied himself. Just as he looked down to his feet, Chen burst into the door empty handed with his prize, “Munetoshi Yuki sword.”

 Gun looked up startled and out of his element. If she was an intruder she could have easily killed him with one blow. Gun exhaled as Chen fell into the garage and bolted the door behind her. The sword was a little heavy for her body but she held as though it were a small hand gun.

Gun shook his way back into kill or be killed mode and threw his artillery into the passenger seat of the car as he instructed Chen to get into the backseat. It wasn't over yet, but while the men were inside the main home they needed to make a break for it.

The coast seemed clear, as Gun and Chen studied the cameras inside the garage. Gun thought about opening the door to the garage and simply driving out like normal but he couldn't be sure what was lurking in the trees of his campus. Chen lay down on the floor of the backseat with her hand on a gun and the other on the butt of the sword that glistened against the black leather of the backseat. She was ready as ever and had nothing to lose at the moment. It was all or nothing.

Gun took one deep breath as he instructed auto start to chime in. He grabbed hold of his steering wheel so tight his yellow skin paled to a snow white. Inhaling as deep as his chest would allow he put his foot on the gas and sped off driving straight through the garage doors and down the pathway to the main streets of Korea. If they were followed he didn't pay any attention. He was so fixated at the road he didn't care to look back.

It was a grueling two hour drive from Pyongyang North Korea, to Seoul South Korea where they felt safe to board a plane. The flight was nearly thirteen hours.

Gun was so nervous his assassin made the plane ride with him he didn't sleep a wink. With Terrence present he could rest assure his safety; but he was a few hours behind them tying up loose ends.

Terrence, “The Terror,” the gang often called him. He was a hot head but calculated in his deliverance of vengeance. Terrence was Guns right hand man a secret he kept from Chen for a number of reasons. He was the one left with blood on his hands the fall guy, so to speak. To Gun, Terrence was his best friend when in his presence but he used him in any and every way possible. He truly needed Terrence; he trusted Terrence with his life but never his women. Only now he would be left with no choice. He was all he had left aside from Chen, and in America she would be sure to test the waters and her new found liberation.

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